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Thank you for joining us on this journey of building/rebuilding your credit profile. Your credit profile is used against you at every turn. You were never ta​ught the "rules" of the credit system in school. Financial/Credit literacy is increasing at a very slow rate....there are currently six states where accredited financial/credit literacy is taught starting in high school. (* Utah the only State with an A+ rating of the 50 States surveyed). Even in the Utah schools there is very little taught about credit or credit history, and how it works.
(**literacy survey).

We are working hard, and are resigned to getting federal approval for our financial/credit literacy program to be the standard for high schools across all 50 States.  Again, welcome to our family. We are open to suggestions and love to hear constructive criticism. We are all evolving and will be for eternity. Thank you!

*According to a 2015 survey by Prof Pelletier of Champagne Collage school of financial literacy at Burlington, VT.)
**In a March 2017 released survey, the National Financial Educators Council asked 2,409 people across the United States the question, “What high school-level course would benefit your life the most?”  Respondents of 6 different age groups each with 400 respondents or more chose money management (54.13%) more often than math, science, and social studies combined. https://www.financialeducatorscouncil.org/

 The entire "credit system" is NO LONGER a puzzle to be figured out.  
CSA teaches you how to put the pieces of your broken credit profile back  together, and provides the education, tools and support that you will need to be successful in rehabilitating your credit profile!
Step by step CSA will guide you through the entire process. 

 We have the KEY! Credit Literacy is that key!

The CSA credit educational program includes a published eBook written specifically about the credit system, debt management & budgeting. This program teaches you the tips and techniques  to rehabilitate  and build your credit profile to raise your credit scores. 
CSA provides continuing education through "The Credit BluePrint Newsletter Series" sent to you monthly. We  also provide online
training modules to test your knowledge of the credit system.  THIS credit educational program is second to none!
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Higher credit scores mean lower interest rates on every purchase!
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