Please print, sign and send us a copy of this enrollment form. Pursuant to the terms and conditions herein, I/We hereby agree to purchase from the Credit Score Academy (afterward to be known as CSA), a credit educational series EBOOK, the Credit Blueprint Newsletter Series & Classroom Training Series . You will have access to the FREE proprietary ProRemovalSystem for the period of your two (2) year enrollment.

Notice :
As a consumer you have the right to review and dispute the completeness and accuracy of any file of yours maintained by any consumer reporting agency and receive a copy of that report containing all information in that file, as provided under the FCRA section (609). A FREE copy of this report will be provided by the consumer reporting agency each year to the consumer within thirty (30) days if requested by the consumer. is the website to request the FREE copy. You also have a right to a FREE copy upon request within sixty (60) days of being turned down for credit.

Please  Agree OR  Dis-agree at the bottom of this form indicating your agreement.

  1. I/We understand that once I/We purchase the a credit educational series EBOOK, the Credit Blueprint Newsletter Series, & Classroom Training Series ..., and have forwarded an application with payment, and a signed copy of this enrollment form, and an updated copy of My/Our credit report to CSA, or via email at [email protected], CSA will immediately release the 65 part educational series EBOOK. If the enroller has an email address noted on the submitted enrollment, all correspondence will be sent via email, otherwise all correspondence will be by general mail delivery. Once received, CSA, or it’s assignee’s, will begin analyzing My/Our credit report. I/We understand that I/We are protected under the 3 day right rescind, and the five (5) business day cancellation right that I/We have under Federal law.

  2. I/We understand that once the three (3) day right to rescind, and the five (5) business days cancellation right that I/We have under Federal law has passed and a personalized credit profile analysis has been created on My/Our behalf, and sent to Me/Us, there will be no refund of monies paid for the credit educational series EBOOK, the Credit Blueprint Newsletter Series and Classroom Training Series. I/We understand that this program cannot be transferred to any other person/persons. There has been no promise of a mortgage or any other service or product in the execution of this Agreement.

  3. I/We understand that I/We must be accountable for My/Our own actions and must maintain involvement in the process in order to reap the long term benefits. CSA, and it’s assignee’s, does not and cannot do this for Me/Us, they can only educate and assist Me/Us in this process. I/We agree to refrain from any and all actions that may hinder the process of restoring My/Our credit or negatively affect it in any way, including, but not limited to, paying your bills on time, applying for additional lines of credit, making large purchases, etc.

Notice of Cancellation :

You may cancel this enrollment without penalty or forfeiture of funds paid to CSA, Stepping Stone Publishing or it’s assignee’s, at any time prior to midnight of the fifth (5th) business day, from the signing of this enrollment form by email, phone or in writing. Upon receipt of your cancellation notice, we will cancel your program, you must return all written information provided you by CSA, SteppingStonePublishing, or it’s assignee’s, to the address above on line #1. Any payment made by you under this enrollment form will be returned within ten (10) business days.