Online training modules

The Credit Ebook

​This eBook is the most comprehensive book written on the subject of the Credit System.  This 157 page book documents factor codes with their true meanings.

  • Where did the credit system come from?
  • What can you do to change your credit score and maintain control of your information?
  • What is file segregation?
  • Promotional Suppression?
  • Authorized User?
  • What needs to be on my credit file to maximize my credit scores?

All of this and more are inside this eBook. In addition, there are many pages of tips for saving money on your wedding, with a new baby, purchasing a car or new home. Getting insurance….and much more! Take control of your own credit profile today!

Online Training Modules 

We have an entire Classroom Tutorial Training Series for those that wish to learn for themselves or possibly teach the credit system to others. There are four (4) training Modules and after each module there is a test you may take to see what your skill level is. The more you know about the credit system…..the more you will be able to use it to YOUR advantage and allow you to control finance fees, interest charges and get the best possible rates on everything you purchase. We teach you what you should have been taught in high school!


Credit Blueprint Newsletter Series

In addition to access to the other products you receive when you purchase the Credit Educational Program, you will also receive a monthly email newsletter containing valuable tips and information to assist you in your on-going quest to organize and improve your credit standing and profile. The tips and techniques you learn from this source will help you organize your financial life and teach you proven methods to keep it that way for years to come. Every month you will receive a new newsletter showing you step by step things you can do now to help you accomplish your goals. As new information is will be the first to know! 

The following are just a few of the types of things you will learn from our monthly newsletter. Learn.....

  • How to research and analyze your own credit report.

  • Why the "Reason Code System" (factor codes) is used to calculate credit scores.

  • how to maximize your credit profile, all on an individual case by case basis.

  • How to attain a positive account on your credit report as a trade line in 60 days or less.

  • How many and what types of accounts do you need for the best credit profile.

  • Do my open credit card accounts that I pay off monthly hurt or help me?

  • What is an authorized User?  

These are just a few things you will learn when you enroll in our academy. As you incorporate and combine the things you learn over the course of the next couple years from our monthly eBOOK series and Newsletter the results can be very dramatic. Although each case is different, many of our customers report that when these negative credit items are removed from their credit profiles and they start using the things they have learned from CSA, not only do they reap the benefits of incorporating these things into their personal lives, they also many times report that their credit scores are raised well in excess of 100 points and more just by taking control of their credit profile and financial standing.