Planning Is the New Spending

You know the saying, ”Youth is wasted on the young”? It’s true. Sometimes. Except not for you. Yes, you will turn 65 one day, but when that day does come you’ll laugh in the face of uncertainty. Why? Because you’re not about to waste a single second, or cent.

Instead, you’re going to:

Budget like a Ninja

A budget is a matter of balancing your input and output, not the difference between having a life and pinching pennies in solitude. Anyone can create and stick to a budget. Anyone.

Deal With the ‘D’ Word

Student loans up to here, credit card debt up to there…we’ve all been there. While it might not always seem fair, dealing with debt payments on time every time—and paying back extra when you can—will help you establish and maintain good credit. And the thing about credit is that it needs to be good for when you want to do the things that matter, like buying a car or house.

Get Smart About Insurance

Do you have the insurance coverage you need? Sure it may feel like just one more expense now, but it could end up being your proverbial saving grace. With financial common sense, you’ll be nothing but prepared for everything life throws at you.

Finance the Future

You know how you’re going to turn 65 one day? You’re also going to want to retire. In the short-term, you’re going to sock away at least three to six months worth of expenses in your No Worries fund. Then, you’re going to take the long-view on saving, the smart way, with employee-sponsored retirement plans and pretax individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

The genius that is compound interest will give your saving efforts a leg up over that rainbow.