Because One Day, You’re Going to Want to Retire

You only get one shot at saving for retirement, as in now. It might not feel like it, but the future is hurtling towards us at the speed of time itself – and time can be a relentless thing. When it catches up with you, Social Security might be a thing of the past; pensions may be as extinct as dinosaurs; and you could very well live to 100 or beyond (with no income to speak of).

It’s a scary thing, that ticking clock. But time is also your biggest ally.

Thanks to the mathematic marvel that is compound interest, the abundance of retirement planning tools available to you, and your newfound sense of financial realism, the future is now a thing that can be faced with confidence.

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Establish Your Retirement Needs and Goals

With so many immediate goals in front of you, determining retirement needs might feel rather abstract. But it’s critical to set a baseline. It begins with a modest percentage of your income.

Step 2. Start Funding

Now that you’ve determined what percentage of income you’ll need to save to fund your retirement, it’s a matter of putting it in the right place. Here are the most powerful retirement accounts out there.

Step 3. Put Some thought in to the Unthinkable

The future is full of uncertainty. However, there is one inevitability we all share in common. You might not have a lot, but you will need these documents to protect your estate, your family, and your finances.