Feeling Stressed and Alone? - Not qualified for financing?

Helpless, stressed and alone? Are you kidding me! It seems that some industries have simply turned their backs on those who are credit challenged. Banking, housing, employment, insurance....did I leave any out? There has been a paradigm shift in America. This shift has slowly been taking place over the last 10 - 15 years but has now become embedded in the finance world. The shift went from being too lax with finance regulation to being over-burdened with regulation and licensing. Loan originators now go through rigorous learning and licensing requirements in all 50 states.

Helpless in America?

Not any more. As I continue to build my company I am finding more and more "like-minded" people that actually have an interest in helping PEOPLE, not just in closing a loan or selling a house. Of course that is important, but that becomes a benefit of helping and not the motivating force behind the relationship. And THAT I think is the key! Relationship service. If my greatest focus is in making sure the entire experience is beneficial to my client, I will succeed at creating a qualified applicant in the end. I have surrounded myself with these like-minded professionals who have a greater goal in mind. They are ethical, honest, reliable and extremely resourceful!


Stress is going to be a part of every major decision that comes along in life. Environmental stresses (noise, pollution, allergens, etc) all contribute to daily stress on our bodies. Each of us has a base level of stress going on IN us regardless of what is happening around us. Push a little harder on any stresser....and over the top we go! Each of us need to find that "safe" place to go to to calm down. Be aware of triggers (things that trigger a response in you) and learn to identify them quickly at home to avoid confrontation or outburst, in public. "MUFASA" as Jack Nicholson says in the movie, "Anger Management".


No one is alone in their walk through the financial jungle. Finance professionals from every trade are getting together, merging resources and talents that will allow us to offer you a "tool box" approach to getting loans, insurance, credit education and rehabilitation. If you are a Mortgage or Real Estate professional and you agree with any of this article, join us and let us help the 87% of Americans that need our help. 87% of approximately 230 million consumers whose activity is reported month in and month out! Are you alone?

Call us at 207-620-3930 and speak with a representative now to change your financial life.

And lastly.........HOPE!

Hope changes everything. Give people a glimmer of hope and you set in motion a tidal wave of positive energy that is infectious. Smiling, happy people are pleasant to be around. They uplift and compliment all things that are good. Goodness repels evil.....happiness repels sadness and gloom and despair. There IS hope. If the people trying to serve you in whatever capacity they may be in, ever make you feel like you are a failure, look no further than theCreditScoreAcademy.com .

Toolbox Approach

We work with thousands of mortgage, real estate, title, finance, insurance and other finance professionals all over the country. We have affiliate relations in all 50 states and can direct you to those who share our philosophy of customer service and attention. One by one we will change the way business is conducted by educating our clientbase to a point where they can "govern" themselves. MOST of our customers know more than the agent that referred them when they have completed our credit educational training modules online. Now THAT says something!

If you are unfamiliar with our products please email me at [email protected] and I will send you a free 16 page report on our perfected system and approach to the credit bureaus. Our eBook, "The Credit System, Debt Management & Budgeting" is available on Amazon and comes with the purchase of our Credit Education & Rehabilitation package.