The No-Grumble Guide to Paying Taxes

At this point it’s a cliché, but true. There are two things you can’t avoid in life: paying taxes is one of them.
Instead of grumbling, it’s important to understand that paying taxes is our way of contributing to the greater good of society – for example, the roads, schools and services we depend upon each day. Taxes are an integral part of our history, too, the very reason we fought for our independence. When the Constitution was written, provisions were created so that taxation could be doled out fairly, efficiently, and responsibly.

Though you may or may not agree on taxes politically, it’s your civic duty to pay them. Of course, it’s helpful to understand:

Why you pay them
How to pay them without penalty
Ways to avoid overpaying them

The next time you fill out a Form W-4, you can do so with a smile on your face and pride in your heart. When you think about it, taxes are kind of a privilege. A patriotic…joy!

Okay…maybe not a joy.

The point is, in the wise and immortal words of Benjamin Franklin: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

So you might as well get used to them.